Bringing back BTC as a Payment Option is not Guaranteed—Reddit

Reddit has stoped the acceptance of payment in bitcoin,for those who want a premium membership,”pinpointing an upcoming coinbase change” this was published on their subreddit/r/btc yesterday. Payment can only be made via paypal and credit card.


A moderator on reedit has made it clear that this new protocol is due to the coinbase commerce change: “there have been some bugs around the bitcoin payment and this is affcecting the transaction of some users,and moreso the upcoming coinbase change has led us to remove bitcoin as a payment choice for now”.

Earlier this month coinbase has announced the stoppage of coinbase merchant tools to commence coinbase commerce,they accepted that this may be distruptive to coinbase merchant tools users,and ultimatum of may 31 has been given to them to switch to coinbase commerce, even though they will be denied access to their coinbase merchant tools as of April 30.

Emoney40 who is a moderator in many of the reddit subredit continued by saying its very unlikely to reverse the decision of bringing back BTC as a payment option,it is not guaranteed” we will take a closer look at demand and see the progression of coinbase commerce then we will then make the decision whether to bring it back or not”

Though according to users who commented on the thread, it was observerved that most of them don’t use bitcoi as a means of payment due to it exhorbitant transaction fees.,this implies nothing to panic about the decision,either reversed or not it wont affect the majority, if not everyone.


Author: MoonMerchant

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