Blockrize Offers Line Credit and Pay Users 1% Reward for Every Purchase

Blockrize will give customers cryptocurreny as reward instead of cash,Every time you use your blockrize card, 1% crypto back will be deposited directly into your digital wallet!.

Blockrize is a credit card that was the former head of operation of whatsgoodly app Thomas Harrison, it offers a line credit and pays users back 1% in cryptos reward for every purchase, in an interview Thomas Harrison said the card has more 2,000 individuals on queuing list.

The official website of blockrize state that  “1% crypto back on every purchase — Choose which cryptocurrency you want and earn it every time you use your Blockrize card — All you do is swipe, and we’ll handle the rest”

It futher states

 That traditional reward cards with an average expenditure of $1,250 USD monthly can earn close to $300 cash back. If the same amount was spent in 2017 with the crypto reward card, they would have earned $998 in BTC or $2,487 in ETH. Earning 1 percent crypto back in Bitcoin and Etherium during 2017 would have been the equivalent of receiving 6.7 percent and 16.6 percent ‘cash back’ on every purchase —earning cryptos rewards gives you the opportunity to earn much more than credit cards

Thomas Harrison believes this innovation will still not go will with some individuals, they will actually go against the volatility involved with the accumulated rewards. And people might just go crazy if price goes down, blockrize also give reward in etherium, not only bitcoin.

Thomas Harrison is a full-time employee overseeing the day to day operation of the blockrize,he is also a co-founder at Alex Atallah, and Jonathan Gelfand, also managing partner at Card Linq. he works with Shogun Enterprise’s lead fintech engineer Zak Allen.


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