Bitcoin has skyrocketed 40% this month alone!!!!

Bitcoin Soars again above $14000 by 7.9%
This digital and online currency has risen more than 40 percent month.Bit Maniac has hitten the world, 7 years ago you could buy bitcoin at 10 cents dollars and how astonishing it has risen again.This is the only blockchain currency that has caused key difference from the main cash.
This rise is revolutionary, you can buy things that were initially not bought by bitcoin in the last 10 years.
Bitcoin bubble has just shot to 7.9 percent as of today as it surges above $ 14000, extending this month’s advances Bloomberg pricing quotes.

This blockchain as a ledger software has made bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies possible, and the greatest digital asset in the history of computations and in the recent times.I spoke of the early birds, a good example is JP Morgan former banker Blythes Masters whose startup intends to roll out the Blockchain ledger globally.Ms masters tell the banks that blockchain will change the world and everything in it.
Having watched “John Wick 2” I sometimes feel this could be true and at your own free times please watch.
Another important factor we have to put into considerations that has really given the Bitcoin a greater boost is its successful test with the lightning Network which as at now as assured us on providing a new way to pay with bitcoin.This is an open to privacy and every rich and poor man has ever yearn to get, but after all the transactions are done only and only then can it be broadcasted to the public network.

Companies behind this technology….
We would commend Lightning Labs, Bloackstream and ACINQ on the success and the advancement in this kind of technology. Elizabeth stark, ahead of Lightning labs has admitted that this system will be used towards testing with outside businesses.

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