England Patriots Fan Buys Super Bowl Tickets with Bitcoin


It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and what would the day be without beer, bets, and nowadays Bitcoin.

It appears that a New England Patriots fan made good use of his bitcoins before things really soured for its price. For the matchup between the Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, the person was willing to part with the spoils of his or her Bitcoin investment to see, live, the National Football League’s championship game.

While the price of the crypto slid substantially in January, the buyer was able to lock in the price when it was $9,360. The person bought a pair of tickets, and the total cost once the purchase was made, was almost $19,000.

Who made it happen?

The buyer wishes to remain anonymous. To make the purchase, the person went through a service called TickPick after finding other ticket sales outlets being unwilling to accept crypto.

Interestingly, TickPick’s slogan is “Where smart fans buy tickets.”

To Benzinga, Brett Goldberg, the co-CEO of TickPick, explained the reasoning as to why the company was willing to be the first to accept bitcoins for Super Bowl tickets.

“The reason why we did it was because a customer reached out and said, ‘I have some bitcoin and I’d love to use it to make it happen’. I was very skeptical at first, but it was super easy to be honest and we saved a lot of money on fees.”

The buyer’s timing was nearly spot on as Bitcoin’s price has slid below $9,000 several times since the beginning of the year. At the time of writing it had scratched its way back up to above $9,200.

In a TickPick blog post, it’s stated:

We know many of you have made some good money on Bitcoin and are now wondering, “What should I do with my Bitcoin earnings?” Well, what’s better than using those earnings to buy the best seats to the Super Bowl?

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