What happens with TRON (TRX) coin, Why TRON dropping day by day badly, Should you hold TRON (TRX) for long.?

What happens with TRON (TRX) coin:,                                                                                                                                   TRON (TRX) falls badly, The Tron market cap fell from $11 billion on January 7 to $5.53 billion on January 15, leading to a fall of 50%. The market cap of Tron is $5.53 billion, against the $8.35 billion one week before, a massive decline of 33.7%.

The Tron trades at $0.082532 (2.37 pm IST) on monday 15th january, as the data given by CoinMarketCap. The price is the average price of 36 stock exchanges that deal in Tron worldwide.

Tron was in the news recently owing to its massive rise about to $.30 per coin on January 5 against 1/10 of the value on December 31. But just a day later, the tron’s maximum value hit a high of $.22. On January 7. On January 8 tron fell to 0.199. , tron closed at 0.15 followed by $0.126 and $0.128 in the next two days.

Why TRON dropping day by day badly:,

But Tron is not alone. At the time of writing this (January 15, 2018), many of the major cryptocurrencies have lost market cap because of bad news from Korea and China, coupled with CoinMarketCap removing several large Korean exchanges from its price index. Panic selling lead to a loss of over $200 billion above in market cap across the board. If we see Ripple’s market cap, for example, It was literally cut in half. But the market will rebound and life will go on.

Should you hold TRON (TRX) for long.:,

I believe TRX will trade around $.082 by 2018 on 15th january. Q1 due to an expected coin burn (either included in the algorithm slowly burning coins each transaction or a mass coin burn), increased partnerships and additional listings on larger exchanges. To trade the TRON (TRX) coin between $.10-$1 by end of year 2018 is possibly conservative and very realistic based on the future announcements, So at these levels TRX is extremely discounted.

Tron is a decentralized blockchain-based protocol that aims to construct a free content entertainment system in worldwide with the blockchain and its distributed storage technology.

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It is seen that this kind of thing has happened many times in the history of cryptocurrencies so it will happen again. Don’t worry for those who have invested in TRON (TRX) about this temporary correction, If you have Tron, hold on to it at least the end of 2018. Because If we see about NEO, NEO keeps fallings badly but is it the end of NEO, no because you can see the result of NEO today. NEO keps rebound and it shot up over $100.” Justin Sun the founder and CEO of TRON and his team are planning to creat the biggest entertainment and gaming blockchain in China and the world so It will be one of the leading cryptocurrencies of 2018.

Author: Mafidul Islam

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