What is The ChampCoin (TCC) and its future.

What is The ChampCoin:

       The Champcoin is a digital form of currency called cryptocurrency. It is the future of crypto currencies and will be upcoming king of crypto currency.

TCC have its own exchange named TCC Exchange but due to some problem on it company decided to launch TCC on other exchange like bittrex, poloniex and other top exchanges.

The users of  bitcoin in worldwide and the increment in the value of it, the champ coin will have the future Currency. Mr. Mahesh verma Sir was the main person behind This “THE CHAMP COIN”. But after his death his family took the responsibility for the project of  TCC . At first TCC was launched at Rs 0.35 ($0.0053) within few days it reached Rs 30+ ($0.46+)

Within few days company is going to relaunch it in this month. Expert predict that it will launch at Rs 20+ ($0.30+)

Features :

  1. It is centralized (Will Be Decentralized after 1 year)
  2. It is completely transparent
  • The meaning of Completely Transparent is each and every person and owner of any amount of cryptocurrency can see the history and every transaction of each coin. All the Transactions are open and also easy to send or receive. It is very easy to store and spend or sell the champcoin.


  1. It is fast
  • You can send money anywhere and anyone and it will arrive minutes later, as soon as the champcoin block check network processes the payment. if you are selling product or service or if you want to buy any service or product then you can get or send payment quickly in the form of the champcoin.


The Champcoin is not uses 100% Mining technology or procedure. 100% Mining is also known as POW Technology. 50% POW And 50% POS Technology is used by the champcoin.

Now if you are not a tech person then probably you don’t know what is POS And POW. So here is the Short Explanation of POS & POW Technology.

What is POS & POW Technology ?

POS Is The Short Form Of  Proof of stake And POW is the Short form Of PROOF OF WORK. In POW Pattern, probability of mining a block is dependent on how much work is done by the miner. But in POS Pattern, Miners Can mine a block on the basis of How much Coin They Holds.

It is seen that Those who invested in bitcoin in the beginning 2009 are billionaire now days And today again you have also got a golden opportunity to invest in THE CHAMPCOIN. It’s very good time to invest in THE CHAMPCOIN because company already having 1crore+ users base and in next 1 year THE CHAMPCOIN going to cross 1000rs ($15).


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Author: Mafidul Islam

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