Bitguild to Use The Plat Token to Bring Developers ,Gamers and Content Together.

Esport continue soaring, the video game industry continue to rise. And new innovation and services are already in pipeline,this is another section that can gain from the advantages of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence,as well.


One company looking to capitalize on this is BitGuild, a blockchain platform that is looking to apply tokenization to assets like characters and in-game items, as well as content for games on the platform.

Many gamers enjoy playing due to the sense of pride associated with collecting rare or powerful items in these games, and adding these assets to blockchain gives users a level of ownership that wasn’t necessarily possible without blockchain.

Essentially, this platform will allow gamers to easily trade in-game items for any games on the platform, while giving developers an efficient platform for payments and distribution of content for their games. Having your items on the blockchain means users will be able to have clear ownership of said items, maintaining them even in cases where a game’s main servers may be shut down.

Bitguild is set to use the plat token to bring developers together,as well as gamers and content. Transaction verification will be used via smart contract,with in-game items being tokenized, as well, for streamlined trading and transfer.

According to the founder of BitGuild Jared Psigoda”Gaming industry has become nothing to write home about over the years, it keep deteriorating,developers only take more addicting and profitable game in order to survive. A lot of times this came at the cost of players experience and game lifespan” Jared is formerly co-founder of Reality Squared Games, a successful and popular gaming company with over 80 million registered players.

He added that “Games like CryptoKitties are all pretty basic in nature, but they very clearly demonstrate their ability to solve problems that have plagued both gamers and game developers for years. Having a gaming network built on blockchain is very risky.



Author: MoonMerchant

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