Google chrome web store stops Cryptocurrency mining extensions

Cryptocurrency mining extensions will be ban by Google chrome web store and new ones will not be accepted henceforth.

Google Chrome’s Extensions Platform Product Manager James Wagner made a move for the removal of cryptocurrency mining extensions for chrome, Wagner said it causes “cryptojacking”, what he explained as an extension that makes unauthorized use of computers upon which they are installed.

An announcement was made on the 2nd of April by google that it would stop cryptocurrency extension for chrome.

Wagner added that google webstore has put an end to to mining extension with immediate effect, and any existing extensions will be given an ultimatum of July, after which all extensions will be removed Most extensions had already been removed or rejected outright because, as Wagner pointed out, “approximately 90% of all extensions with mining scripts that developers have attempted to upload to Chrome Web Store have failed to comply with [Google’s] policies”.

Wagner posted a graph that explain how a typical user’s system could be compromised when the mining extension runs:

Google had allowed mining extensions that mining as long as that was the single purpose of the

extension and that users were adequately informed about the operation of the extension.

However, most of them were also performing other functions without the user’s knowledge,

and in particular cryptocurrency mining in the background.

Wagner made it clear that the ban is only on minning extensions, other blockchains and cryptocurrency exyensions are not affected.

As of April 3, the Google chrome web store still bears over a dozen mining extensions, with most concentration on Monero. However, even more anti-mining extensions are available.

The move follows the decision by Google to end cryptocurrency advertising in its display and YouTube advertising channels.

However, while cryptocurrency advocate groups are already showing their dissatisfaction on the decision,

lining up to sue Google over the advertising ban, no such actions have been announced regarding the extension ban.



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