Italian Junior Banker Caught Using Employers Computer Power to Mine Cryptocurrency.

According to the CEO of a top cybersecuirity, lots of staffs are illegally getting computer access

from their employers in order to mine bitcoin.

The CEO of darktrace Nicole Eagan address the invitees at the wall street journal’s CEO council event:

“we have witness more than a thousand crypto-mining cases in space of six month in the united states alone, as employees take over their respective company infrastructure for crypto mining, this is becoming a thorn in the flesh”.

Crypto mining is the means through which new bitcoin are released and involves solving complex

cryptographic problems.

The computing power required to crack these problems has grown exponentially since the creation of

bitcoin in 2009 and it now takes huge banks of servers to crackcodes.

Online mining “pools” have sprung up that allow people to plug their computer capacity into digital networks and earn a share of the collective rewards.

Eagan in his words said he had come across a particular scene where a junior banker at an anonymous

Italian bank had actually stolen servers that he had signed for on behalf of his company.

Eagan continues by saying” the junior banker had taken 12 of these and hid them under the floorboards

in the data center of the bank and then set up his own crypto mining range,”

“this went undetected for some time, we eventually noticed an unusual connection going outside the bank to these crypto mining places.” Eagan said


Robert Hannigan, the director of Britain’s government cyber security agency GCHQ from 2014 to 2017, was with Eagan at the event

He said:

“these things are not new to us, over the years people harness unsecured processing power from around the world, by using your network or your personal computer to do work for them at night if it’s not secured.”

In 2017 security intelligence group RedLock caught hackers who comprise two companies AWS cloud

services, solely for using their computer power in mining cryptos bitcoin.


Author: MoonMerchant

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