Battling Bitcoin Nears $9000

Its been a trying times for cryptocurrency traders, the market is far from smiling,every week comes with suspense, and there’s speculation that bitcoin might move up a bit , but reaching $10,000 looks impossible for now, but this days all predictions seems totally wrong, u just cant predict the next rise or fall.


There’s a lot of pressure on cryptos, much more than what people anticipated, two major price crashed already and as of now the third is  in full effect, its never a good 2018 and things don’t even look promising.

Since the drop of Bitcoin price from $11,000 it dosen’t look like coming back to that level, as things stands $10,000 will be a jubilated level but this dream has not even been near, the price cant  stop falling  recent news is not appealing , things looked extremely serious when $9,000 was broken.

Even though nearly $9,000 is anticipated, its apparent that law of gravity is bound to set in, knowing-fully well that the weekend is around the corner,this weekend could pull a surprise anyway , but many wont be in an excited state, all fingers remain crossed

Presently there are much sellers than buyers right now and there’s a little positive trend, bitcoin still has nearly $8.5m in 24-hour trading volume. Recently there’s $500 recovery in space of four hours, but table can still turn.


Surprisingly, Bitfinex leads the log based on Bitcoin trading volume, one would have expect OKEx to be leading or at least close to the top a huge margin of $370m separates the two platforms. Binance completes the top three with their BTC/USDT pair,which shows that Tether’s token is playing a significant role in Bitcoin market once again, but it  seems to have no positive effect on the price of Bitcoin.

For now bitcoin price is far from bouncing back, things looks worse and unfruitful, theres no clue or whatsoever, it looks much likely that it will keep decline at this moment, but theres a strong believe that when it bounce back it will be grand and very impressive, this moment wont be forever and it wont be wise to desert bitcoin.


Author: MoonMerchant

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