ETHEREUM coin and its technology

Ethereum Coin :-

Invest in the things/market if you understood .Do not invest in things you don’t Understoods. If you know about the proper Value of the thing or information/ predicition then you will be able to might what you want otherwise it becomes zero.the majority of the world where the strongest economics exist come from the hole countries that run go through the Banking, bills, cloud storage, communication to each other , school, college etc . Internet has become the part of our daily only advances , and with that comes more use of the websites and what other people can think about mining , selling , Buying , trading , these crypto currency .Because of that we the people can a payment quicker, receive currency more than faster ….
so basically today we will discuss about the etharium coin in the crypto-currency market and also comparing Vs bitcoin ..


you have probably heard and also know about bitcoin with confidently ..But what about Etherum coin ? There’s an arms race going on in the world of crypto currencies and bitcoin and EtherEum coin’s are leading the pack. Ethereum is a 3 years old digital currency .but bitcoin’s are very closest competitor and also its largely been flying under the radar and despite growing at breakneck speed .investor have been super bullish on bitcoin .But the Ethereum coin is up roughly 4000% year to date .these rivals are both open source digital currencies used to make some what anonymous transaction .

Ether even has “” digital coin”” just like bitcoin .they both also saw their share of brief volatile moves in their market.Ether virtually lost all its value in a single day in june “” flash crash “” Ethereum briefly crashed from $ 319 to 10 cents in seconds on obe exchanged after multi million dollar trade .it went from $319 to 10 cents on one exchanged before recovering all its losses ..Ether’s blockchain is called ““ETHEREUM”” ..ethereum is a stronger and potentially more lucrative technology ..The ethereum blockchain technology has other real world applications..

Author: Mafidul Islam

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