Hi everyone, I am 99% confident that all have Facebook account, twitter or even others. For what I am sure again you don’t get or gain anything from it.
All these have to change if you lend me some times. Have you heard of POW? You have the answer, you just don’t know yet. This is a crypto-currency that is the in domain of the Facebook and twitter users. It is free if you own these social media accounts, but wait for it. It’s only free for initial allocation, and the sooner you claim yours the junkie it is.
In as much as it free, it’s worth the attachment and the value will soar high. You don’t understand why people create groups in Facebook and invite you anyhow, you are starting to feel something….Ahahahahahah.
Look deep down if you have 100 million connected to you group or network it shows how valuable you are! Globally, I would approximate Bit coin to have approximately 10 million owner and the capitalization of 100 million dollars of worth (Sometimes back in October 2017), that’s not way back- that only makes us curious as per value of $ 10000. If my calculations remain the same,we expect the price of POW to drastically shoot as more people start making claims. Who should make the claims, it’s us me and you?
I hope to hear more from you on how to claim, POW is all about acknowledging you value as a user of Facebook or twitter who give more people to interact with you through this channels. It’s free and risky less thing to claim as the World stands now for me, I don’t fear any free thing. The POW token will soon be releasing more capabilities, which only imply do the same things on both Facebook and twitter followers.


POW is equally a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum block chain technology with two nonidentical inventions that makes it stand out of the rest.
i) Hope you have heard of ‘Lite’, POW is also Lite which is Non-Block chain version of it. This enables the account holders to make free transactions with one another
ii) POW is an Ocean, which simply mean it enough for everyone, should everyone who has an account start claiming.

When I mentioned the Ocean, the power of POW to satisfy pretty much everyone who has an account to claim, is only achieved by leveraging the 3rd party validation and authentication services provided by Facebook for “Apps”. There are advancement to introduce different login details other than the normal Facebook or twitter, the POW Token intends to include Reddit, Weibo among others as the list to social media is endless. I must mention the Sybil Attack. Some of us could think of a loop hole to do multiple claims for the same account on different social network. The Airdrop will just give you a starting float for making other transactions.

Even in bit coins, the urgency made it to sky rocket as the early birds harvest hefty as we sleep.
I would argue all of us to take the mantle and be the early adopters of this social media technology.
POW already has 223,821 users, which make the 223822th Claimant either me or you.

Claimant number 223822= 10000000000/(2 X 223822)
= 22,339 POW ‘lite’
This simple calculation is aimed to encouraged early birds to catch the POW worms. You will personal be able to do the calculations once you registered for the POW Account.

It’s incumbent the owners share the 6.83% of the total ERC20 POW being issued, which will occasionally be sold out in order to accommodate cost operations and centralization of the database systems.

I know this probably makes want to start straight away
i) How do I claim POW ‘lite’?
ii) Are there any starting fees?
iii) If I can sell POW ‘lite for cash’?

Just hold on to them, I know how and why. But the answers are coming!!!!

Author: MoonMerchant

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