Russian Bill Draft Requires Government Officials To Declare Crypto Assets

In an interview with Gazeta of the Russian press, Anatoly Oxakov, the head of the State Duma Group of Financial Markets, said that the current draft of the Russian diocese’s bill, government officials should announce their cryptocrysted investment.

The draft is currently being announced as the final report of the Russian Finance Ministry and Central Bank on 1 July 2018.

According to the Russian Ministry’s recent announcement, government officials now do not have to declare their encryption assets.

Thus, if Aksakov continues his interview with Gazeta, if cryptocurrencies defined as new bill assets, “all assets owned by a State Duma MP should be announced [including cryptocurrency].”

Russia is not the only country that Russia wants to legitimize their encryption credentials.

Earlier this week, the South Korean National Assembly Management and Security Committee reportedly introduced a bill to officials to announce their theoretical assets. This happened after some employees of the Financial Supervision Service (FSS) were accused of Bitcoin’s internal business.

Author: MoonMerchant

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