Messaging app Telegram will launch own cryptocurrency, called Gram

Messaging app Telegram will launch own cryptocurrency, called Gram

It seems to be the year of Blockchain this year. Everyone seems to have their own cryptography now, and technology companies are already looking at research and development. The chat and messaging app telegram is the latest in the list.
Telegram is going to launch own cryptocurrency, called Gram.

The ‘Telegram Open Network’ (TON) will have the highest capacity for Bitcoin and Etherem with the new third generation block.

Marketing is a boat and a major ICO project is planned to generate revenue. It is estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars, one of the largest ICOs to date.

According to WikiPedia, a well-designed news site with more than 180 million users. This is the ICO Exit from the rest of the state, which has evolved from the new beginnings, the majority without a potential product.

According to the report, the ICO before the Telegraph It looks to increase sales to over $ 500 million. This will total the total token value of $ 3 billion to $ 5 billion. Pre-sale is a minimum cap for investment, usually by discounting large players attracting the desk.

A typical token sales for retail investors do not at least follow this. Because small investors have a lot of investors, general ICO sales are generally low; Pre-booking, so token is made to build confidence. This statement requires Fiat for sale, and many more, and is not like BTC, or Etherem, similar to regular ICOs.

Allow the user to send foreign money while avoiding the Russian-owned chat system from a own altcoin state or bank-controlled payment systems and avoiding the price transfer fee. An encrypted transfer system allows users to send micro-payments individually without delay on credit card fees.
The GRAM currency of the Telegram can directly be integrated into the app. The creation of a new encryption economy in the use of a distributed platform will save it from regulatory governments that often block social media and messaging services.
There is a lot of roadmap to integrate with specific services and developments associated with a specific block. The phone can bring its own crypto on its already installed platform, but it is certainly not the last, more technical and social companies to follow.

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