Top 10 Cryptocurrency of 2017-18

Top 10 cryptocurrency 2017-18

Cryptocurrency is virtual currency. At the present time there has more than 5000 cryptocurrency in the world. We are going to discuss about top 10 cryptocurrency according to market demand and value of future.


As everyone expected, Bitcoin is the most valuable currency and it is on top position in the market capitalization with $128,359,275,597. It was invented by named Satoshi Nakamoto actually not one no that it is a person or group of people or any company. It is still mystery.
satoshi is the smallest part of bitcoin. Bitcoin miner are the key of bitcoin security. They are the responsible for the creation of new bitcoin.
Price today – 14046.9


Ethereum is in second position with $32,157,651,120 market capitalization. It is a platform built for smart contracts. It is controversial due to its recent hard fork, which resulted in diverging blockchains. As per prediction Ethereum can bit Bitcoin in future but there has only few chance.
Price today – $1228.12


Ripple is in third position in our list. It’s work on banking system. It launched at 2012. The market capitalization is $84,230,518,214 .
Price today – $2.17

Bitcoin Cash

It is now in fourth position. Actually Bitcoin Cash is a breakaway part from Bitcoin. It is a separate cryptocurrency itself now. Bitcoin Cash’s total market capitalization is $44,304,343,292 .
Price today – $2,620.64


Cardano coin is in fifth position at this time. It’s a good currency for invest. The market capitalization of Cardano is $19,335,138,781 .
Price today – $0.745751


Litecoin is in sixth position in our list. Total market capitalization of Litecoin is $13,161,141,799 .
Price today – $240.56


Men is in eighth position.  NEM launch was on the 31st of March 2015 and runs in Java platform. The market capitalization of nem is $12,797,369,999 .
Price today – $1.42


IOTA is in ninth position. Total market capitalization $9,832,338,218
Price today – $3.54


It is in last position in our list. Total market capitalization $8,327,909,210.
Price today – $1,066.06

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