Will JioCoin happening or hoax, the truth

The index of the index market was under pressure this week, as prices of digital currencies including Pidco (PDC) and China fell by nearly 20 percent between January 5 and 12. Digital coins in South Korea

Some analysts consider such activities as Seoul can be considered by other countries.

A Wall Street consultation on Thursday predicts a major crash of this year cryptocurrency market.

“After considerable testing, BTC 1’s price was $ 1,780,” Businessinsider.com quoted in a Quinlan & Associates report.

On Thursday, media reports suggest that Reliance Geo, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company Reliance Geo will be launching its own Krotorkururon, Geoeyino, soon.
According to a committee of 50 members working in Blackhaven Technology, led by Ambani’s eldest son Akash, the newly-filed complaint was filed.

The 156-page report on Quinlan & Associates argued that Bitva’s current price is more than $ 14,000, the value of investment property, gold and cash payments.

“Bitcoin has estimated the value of Bitcoin using the value of $ 2,161 and $ 687, as an asset, the product approach and valuation approach. Bitcoin has estimated the value of BTC 1 for the legal and retail transactions, as well as the black market, Estimated to 1,780.

If the digital currency falls to this level, it will increase 85 percent in the next 12 months.

Pitco’s prices jumped from $ 1,000 to $ 14,000 in the calendar in 2017, and Ettrime rose from $ 8 to $ 734.

On Wednesday, investment guru Warren Buffett said he would not invest in the Krcticcourse. “I can almost certainly say cryptocurrencies will come to an awkward end,” Buffett said in an interview CNBC.

From January 5 on January 5, $ 16,917, Wikipedias sold at $ 13.500 to $ 12.5. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin declined by 5 per cent in the same period.

On the other hand, on January 5, from 962.77 to January 12, Adria increased by 25 percent to $ 1,204.

Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies have no legal agreement in India and the exchange is not recognized as a medium, Corporate Affairs Minister Arun Jaitley said in January 5.

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